Bloom’s Standard Menu

Functional And Fast Bloom Metabolic Meal Plans
Each meal is prepared with organic ingredients and crafted for anti- inflammatory, nutrient dense eating. Fresh, never frozen and fully prepared. Bloom functional meals are gluten-free, balanced for hormones and free from refined sugar.

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Fall Specials

Soup Menu
( Gluten and Dairy Free)

  • Chicken Chili w/garbanzo bean
  • Tomato basil
  • Tuscan wild mushroom Toasted lentil and veggies
  • Roasted cauliflower bisque
  • Leek and potato bisque
  • Roasted butter nut squash with baby spinach
  • Carrot ginger mint

Meal 1
Vegetable Chili with chickpeas and seasonal diced vegetables.

Meal 2
Stuffed zucchini rounds filled with seasonal veggies served with tomato basil sauce.

Meal 3
Grilled portobello mushroom cap topped with vegan cheese and served over lentil pilaf.

Meal 4
Chickpea burger served over veggie medley topped with chimichurri sauce.

Meal 5
Baked Eggplant balls served with tomato basil sauce and served over braised lentils.

Meal 6
Grilled Impassable burger topped with roasted tomato and vegan cheese served over seasonal vegetables .